A 360° Creative Consortium Firmly Rooted in Music and the Culture it Creates.

Since 2003, Transit Studios has brought its unique perspective to a wide array of subcultures around the world. We believe in grit over glamour and playing the fringes rather than playing it safe. Whether packaging a new vinyl-release LP, strategizing go-to-market campaigns for fashion lines or designing print advertisements for global beverage brands, our clients know to call on us when the usual is not suitable.


A Step Ahead Since 2003

Transit Studios is a full-service design house and music consultancy established in 2003 as a vehicle for my creative direction. The concept of the studio was born from a variety of influences which included, amongst other things, travel, dusty records and lots of coffee. Transit is a company rooted in the principle of delivering visual communications that are innovative in spirit yet timeless in sensibility. Fifteen years later, the company has applied this ideology to projects ranging from album packaging design to branding campaigns for international clothing and beverage companies.


Design Portfolio

While we've crafted an abundance of marketing assets for the music industry and record labels, we take pride in providing design services to household brands in a wide array of industries. The magic is in the medium. We've been tapped by record labels, beer brands, fashion labels, and everything in between to contribute pixel-perfect graphic executions to their respective businesses. Click below to explore select projects from our portfolio!

Working with Transit Studios is like working with family...B is attentive to detail, he has crazy style and he knows how to represent your brand...probably better than you do!
— J. Rawls, producer

Original Pressings

After years of crafting packaging for a virtual who's-who list of artists and independent labels, we've taken the next natural step and created an imprint to release extremely limited runs of records from some of our favorite artists.

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Music Supervision

We possess a comprehensive knowledge of how music impacts both experiential and visual mediums. We work with key decision makers to collectively determine the musical vision, tone and style that best suits your space or project.

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